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Why conduct thermal imaging of electrical systems

We take our electricity for granted. You flick a switch and the light comes on. Simple. Except it isn't. Hidden from our eyes are many electrical circuits that connect back to the public supply, the 'grid'.

The grid deals with very high, deadly, voltage. Distribution boards are in your building to create sub-circuits and ensure they are safe along the way. They provide safety by using components such as RCDs, Breakers, and Fuses.

Faults are usually caused by loose or deteriorated connections, short circuits, overloads, load imbalances or faulty, mismatched or improperly-installed components.

Our surveys, undertaken by fully ITC certified Thermographers, provide a non-contact, non-destructive way to assess these components at any given time without the need for operational downtime.

Otherwise invisible to the naked eye, Thermal Imaging gives us an insight into the performance of your distribution board. We only use the gold-standard FLIR Infrared Cameras with the necessary resolution to accurately measure electrical component's temperatures.

**It is important you make sure whoever you bring in has the propper qualifications and equipment, and undertsands the science behind the technology.**

We provide our customers with effective surveying, clear reporting, accurate analysis, and education so that they can have a safe and productive work space. We value our customers and their right to a friendly, reliable and efficient service.

We believe that electrical safety is a key aspect of a modern company and a positive asset for higher performance. It minimizes maintenace costs, unplanned downtime, and lost productivity.

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Electrical equipment is made up of a range of complex components. As these components start to age their performance may start to deteriorate and, consequently, may display elevated temperatures. If left un-checked, these faults may eventually lead to system failure.

Key benefits of Thermal Imaging of electrical equipment include:

  1. • Preventing electrical failures before they happen.
  2. • It is cheaper to repair equipment rather than replace after failure.
  3. • More efficient energy use leads to lower operating costs.
  4. • No costly unexpected downtime to your business.
  5. • No business disruption during survey.
  6. • Reduced risk leads to a happier Insurance Provider and can lead to lower premiums.
  7. • A safer Work Environment puts people first.

Utilising state of-the-art thermal imaging equipment you can determine whether temperatures of electrical components are:

  1. • Healthy
  2. • Deteriorating
  3. • At dangerous levels

Not only is Thermal Imaging an effective method for detecting potential issues, it also serves to minimise the risk for potential accidents. Ultimately, an electrical thermographic survey is all about bringing peace of mind to those responsible for the health and safety of your organisation.

Our procedures follow an efficient structure which includes:

  1. • Prior to inspection, a detailed plan of the survey will be prepared including all areas and equipment to be inspected. If possible, a clear map of the facilities will be drafted for client confirmation.
  2. • During inspection, our Thermographers will access and evaluate all equipment for safety before removing any covers. This includes visual inspspection and ultrasonic scanning.
  3. • Once all equipment is within line of sight, our Thermographers will procure images of all equipment components, paying special attention to any areas of interest.
  4. • After all equipment has been imaged, our Thermographers will re-install all covers and leave a clean working site before moving onto the next inspection area.
  5. • Upon completion of the suvery, a brief verbal report will be presented to the site contact, outlining any urgent actions required (if any).
  6. • Our Thermographers will then download and analyze all images closely and create a detailed report with all findings, including clear fault classification using internationally recognized Standards.
  7. • NZ Themrography Ltd will create a client profile for the purposes of offering equipment comparison on all future surveys - in time this will allow us to present you with a performance history of your installations.

Switchboard thermal imaging is becoming more often requested by many insurance providers. NZ Thermography's technicians are fully ITC certified and provide reports to suit these requirements. Using state of the art FLIR thermal cameras, we locate poor fuse and circuit breaker contacts, connections and faulty components. With thousands of switchboard inspections undertaken we are the ideal choice for your next survey.

Regular infrared surveys of your site is a great way to assist in reducing unexpected electrical failures and in some cases fires. We are equipped to survey most aspects of your electrical systems from control cabinets, switch boards, lighting, wiring and cabling, switch gear and electric motors (note: every 10 degrees c above rating cuts motor life in half!). We locate loose connections, imbalanced loads, faulty components, overheating switch gear, overheating motors and motor bearing and winding faults, poor cabling in cable trays and much more.


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