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Thermal imaging in the equine world

The purpose of Equine Thermography is to detect and document patterns of infrared radiation across the body surface of the animal. 'Exceptions' are thermal anomalies on a subject's body that may be caused by injuries, altered circulation, nerve damage, and/or inflammation.

Infrared inspections may also be used as an aid to saddle fitting and on any equipment used to ride or care for a horse, such as saddles, girths, cinches, bridles or wraps.

Further examination or additional diagnostic tests other than Thermal Imaging are typically required to identify the cause of detected exceptions. Providing opinions about the causes of exceptions, the health of the horse, or recommendations for corrective actions or treatments requires knowledge and skills beyond those of the Thermographer and must be left to licensed specialists. We can work with your Vet in order to present you with the most accurate results.

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