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We offer the most competitive rates on the market, tailoring them to suit your business whilst offering higher value. The size, type, number, location, and accessabilitiy of each area being surveyed are all considered during our quoting process to ensure you only pay for what you need.
Once again, The size, type, number, location, and accessability of each area being surveyed will determine the length of the survey. Our team structure ensures time spent at every location is minimized whilst receiving the utmost amount of care and attention.
Increasingly, many Insurance Providers are asking for Thermal Imaging surveys to be inlcuded as part of a good preventetive maintenance program. Some clients have saved on premiums at the time of their policy renewal.

Electrical equipment is made up of a range of complex components. As these components start to age their performance may start to deteriorate and, consequently, may display elevated temperatures. If left un-checked, these faults may eventually lead to system failure.

key benefits of Thermal Imaging of electrical equipment include:

  1. • Preventing electrical failures before they happen.
  2. • It is cheaper to repair equipment rather than replace after failure.
  3. • More efficient energy use leads to lower operating costs.
  4. • No costly unexpected downtime to your business.
  5. • No business disruption during survey.
  6. • Reduced risk leads to a happier Insurance Provider and can lead to lower premiums.
  7. • A safer Work Environment puts people first.

Utilising state of-the-art thermal imaging equipment you can determine whether temperatures of electrical components are:

  1. • Healthy
  2. • Deteriorating
  3. • At dangerous levels

Not only is Thermal Imaging an effective method for detecting potential issues, it also serves to minimise the risk for potential accidents. Ultimately, an electrical thermographic survey is all about bringing peace of mind to those responsible for the health and safety of your organisation.

Infrared inspections of buildings are generally performed for one or more of the following reasons: to detect energy loss due to inefficient insulation, detect latent moisture, or to locate structural details.


Key benefits of Thermal Imaging for property include:

  1. • Detection of moisture damage, insulation 'holes', seals efficiency, and underfloor heating issues.
  2. • Assuring or dispelling growing concerns about occupant health.
  3. • Ascertaining insulation efficiency or water damage of new builds, renovations, retrofits, and historical buildings.
  4. • Better control of rising energy costs.

Key financial benefits of Thermal Imaging mostly relate to unplanned downtime, and include:

  1. • Identifying priorities for planned maintenance so your money goes where it is needed most.
  2. • Reduced risk of early equipment failure.
  3. • Reduced risk of an electrical fire.
  4. • Reduced risk of an unplanned electrical outage.
  5. • Increased safety levels.
  6. • Improved insurability thanks to a well designed preventative maintenance program.
  7. • Identification of heat loss areas.
  8. • Reduced heating bills.
  9. • Overall improved system performance saves you money.


We provide our customers with effective surveying, clear reporting, accurate analysis and education so that you can undertsand what we do and why. We value our customer's right to a friendly, reliable and efficient service.

A Thermal Imaging survey helps you identify issues in a non-destructive manner, leading to lower maintenace costs, avoided unwanted downtime, and increased productivity.

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