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The advantage of thermal imaging

building a bigger picture out of the smaller ones


A Thermal Imaging report is a useful tool for home owners, landlords, sellers, and buyers.

Infrared thermography is the only proven non-destructive method for identifying moisture and energy loss. Discovering deficient areas within your facilites reduces operating costs, and helps you create more efficient building maintenance practices and reduce greenhouse emissions.

An appreciable amount of money can be saved by building owners & operators through the correct application and use of Thermal Imaging inspections. Timely investment in an Infrared Survey can ensure the structural integrity and safety of commercial or industrial buildings. It can also serve as a quality control tool, to ensure that insulation has been installed correctly, detect possible water leakege and/or damage, and to locate and measure issues with underfloor heating.

Data from Thermal Imaging surveys may be used to assess the condition of a building envelope or for quality assurance inspections of new installations, repairs, and retrofits.

Surveys may be conducted from the exterior and/or the interior of a building; however, inspections performed from the interior are generally more helpful in diagnosing performance issues associated with occupant comfort.

Visual inspection is required to confirm insufficient, improperly installed, or physically damaged insulation. This usually comes in the form of what's called 'destructive testing' and is only recommended when our findings indicate possible issues.

When looking for water damage, applicable constructions include insulated building sidewalls, exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS), and other building finishes which can absorb moisture.

Testing with a moisture meter is necessary to verify the presence of water within insulation. Unlike Thermal Imaging, moisture testing is classified as 'destructive testing' and is only recommended when our findings indicate possible issues

We provide our customers with effective surveying, clear reporting, accurate analysis and education so that they can have a warm, safe, and healthy living or working space.

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